What is Acroyoga?

Acroyoga combines the fitness + play of Acrobatics,

the healing + movement of Therapeutics,

and the balance + connection of Yoga

You have questions? Here you can find answers!


Weekly courses

Be the protagonist of your progress.

Get your training on your hands and learn Acroyoga from a solid foundation and with progressive, well thought exercises.



If you want to learn something in particular, improve your technique or if you are watching a Youtube video for the 50th time, this option will help you get there faster.

Do I need any kind of experience?

No, whoever you are, whatever your path has been so far you bring just the perfect experience.

All courses are multilevel because the important thing is to shine. This we can do independently of the difficulty of a particular exercise.

From time to time I teach foundation 10-week-courses for those wanting some extra guidance with the first steps. The next one starts mid-September. You can stay tuned or write to me if you want more info.


I think I'm not strong enough / I'm not flexible enough

That's just a barrier in your mind. There are many things that we are not, but just as many things that we actually are.​ Focusing on the lack will not move you forwards. When we build from what we are, from what we have, we start making progress.

Flexibility and Strength are part of our training, so if you feel you have a long way to go in this respect, it's just a great opportunity to train your patience as well.

Do I need to sign up with a partner?

Not necessarily and we actually work in groups of three: Base, Flyer and Spotter. Groups are made in class.

Of course if you want to come with a friend/partner you will be more than welcome, and if you only want to work with your friend/partner this is also not a problem.

What about Corona?

I've contacted personally the Sächsisches Sozialministerium and I have a written permission to teach Acroyoga as long as we follow some rules.

That's why groups are reduced and we ask you to bring your own mat, towel, water, and any materials you could need. (Studios are still not allowed to offer this).

Nevertheless if you want to be extra careful and you want to practice only with a particular person, or if you have any other concern/question please write to me and we will find a solution so everyone feels comfortable.

More Questions?

Just contact me to acroscientist@gmail.com