How I fell in love with Acroyoga

I was always in movement. When I was very little I did ballet and I couldn't be more grateful to my parents for that. Later I started with competitive gymnastics which at the very early age of 12 made me discover the feeling of "being too old for something". But it also made me feel how beautiful it is to do something JUST BECAUSE you are having a great time.

As I entered University I started aerial silks. I guess I needed something more creative than the hard lines and the pursuit of perfection of Gymnastics (although my teacher was an incredible gymnast..don't know how you feel about coincidences). Anyways, there was air, this beautiful "battle" against gravity and also movement, flow.

Eventually my teacher stopped teaching and I was a bit heart-broken. I visited other classes expecting to find his style, his training, his input. And of course I didn't find it.

I settle for like 2 minutes with this idea of "okay, I need to move but I'm too old for gymnastics.. I'll ""just"" go or Yoga". I found this really nice Hatha Yoga class and finally I found myself recovering the flexibility and strength (in my physical and emotional body) that studying for endless hours was taking from me. And one day I discovered that my Yoga teacher was teaching Acroyoga after our class ( could have been just a coincidence). I had also retook ballet while I was going to University so by this time I was an expert in putting the other cheek to the "I'm too old for this" feeling.

And there I was entering this crazy world of being in contact with a beautiful community. Where it doesn't matter how flexible or strong you are. Because we already come with strengths and weaknesses and we work on them together, we train and grow together, raising each other, supporting each other.

And I was 4 years old forever...

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